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Aug. 22, 2016: WE'RE MOVING!

Please see AmyMarshSexCounseling & AmyMarshSexologist

for updated content. Domains will eventually move as well. Thanks for your patience during this time of transition.

Nothing in this web site is intended to hold out, state, indicate or imply that Amy Marsh is a physician, a surgeon, or a physician and surgeon.

Consulting Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists are not licensed by the State of Hawai'i or the State of California and are not medical practitioners.

Coaching and problem management through consulting hypnotism (also called hypnotherapy in some practices) is complementary to healing art services licensed by the state. 

The hypnotist or hypnotherapist does not diagnose, cure, or treat in any way, medical conditions, illnesses, or diseases. 

Consulting hypnotism is not the practice of medicine, psychology, psychiatry, or licensed professional counseling, and is not in any way intended to be a replacement for diagnosis or treatment of any complaint or ailment.  

Persons with mental disabilities or mental illnesses should seek psychiatric care.

This disclaimer posted as required by California Business and Professions code, sections 2051, 2052, and 2053, specifically 2053.5.