Give and Get the Most from Your Intimate Relationships!

Secrets of Successful Couples


Renew, deepen and enrich your long term relationship with an array of skills and communication techniques. Partially based on the popular PREP curriculum, which has taught and used successfully around the world.

May include sexually explicit content.

Suitable as pre-marital and union education.

Excellent for Police, Firefighters, Military Families.

Secrets of Successful Couples can be taken as a live, private class (3-hours); recorded (2-hours or 6-hours); or as a webinar (6 hours for 6 weeks). 


Beginning Tantra & Sacred Space



Learn basics of Western Tantra and other sacred sexual traditions as I guide you in a safe, supportive environment. Learn to create "sacred space" with your beloved or prepare to attend a puja. Instruction offered to couples and individuals. 

Private classes only.

Course may contain sexually explicit material, but does not involve intimate touching or nudity.

More information offered on the Tantra Instruction Page