Clinical Sexology - Sex Counseling, Coaching & Education

As a Clinical Sexologist and Certified Sex Counselor (AASECT), I can work with other helping professionals to provide short-term sex counseling, coaching, and education to help clients manage complex sexual concerns. 

Clinical Sexologists specialize in the study of human sexuality: "what people do and how they feel about it." Their in-depth training includes "Sexual Attitude Readjustment" (SAR) programs which are designed to combat myths and preconceptions the sexological student may have about human sexual expression. In order to best meet each client's needs, the Clinical Sexologist must become informed about all aspects of human sexual expression, and cultivate "sex-positive" and nonjudgmental professional capacities. 

Sexological counseling and education is appropriate for almost anyone experiencing sexual difficulties or problems with social or self acceptance of their sexual behavior or gender expression.

Sexological counseling is focused, behavior based, and usually short-term. It is not a substitute for psychotherapy or licensed professional counseling. The sexological outlook is sex and pleasure positive, and does not seek to change a person's basic nature or orientation. In some cases, however, a person may need extensive help in managing sexual desires and behaviors that are risky, destructive, or illegal. In such cases, a referral to a psychotherapist is advisable. 

If you are a health or mental health professional who would like more information about working with me as a Clinical Sexologist or Consulting Hypnotist, please contact me to request a brochure or an informational appointment by phone or in person. 

Hypnotism for Sexual Concerns


As a Consulting Hypnotist, I assist clients in changing behaviors, habits and self-perception through the use of positive suggestions given in a light to medium trance state. In this way, hypnotism is often used in conjunction with other modalities to support physical or emotional healing and wellbeing. 

Hypnotism can be used with Sexological Counseling to help the client explore inner barriers to sexual pleasure and intimacy; to cope with somatic reactions related to sexuality; to manage sexual behaviors and habits; to recapture memories of sensual joy; to improve body image and self-perception; to combat worry and instill confidence; and so on. Hypnotism assists those who desire positive transformation in their intimate lives. Hypnotism is a proven healing modality, and its use in Sexological Counseling is yet another powerful application. 

Hypnotism can also be used in conjunction with psychotherapy for a number of issues, including assistance with sexual offending, shame, emotional relief, etc. As a Consulting Hypnotist, I can work in collaboration with other health professionals. 

Medical Hypnotism


Medical Hypnotism is a complementary modality. It works well with Sexological Counseling, as many people experience health problems which have an impact on their sex lives. By alleviating stress and providing positive suggestions for healing and positive outcomes, hypnotism can complement treatment provided by a client's physician. Hypnotism to complement medical treatment always requires a physician's referral.